El Arana Captured


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    Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

    Paseo de los Leones / Avenida Pedro Infante, Santa Clara colony


    October 10, 2010

    0400 hours local time

    Incident Type:

    Police Operation

    Groups Involved:

    Los Zetas

    Mexican Army



    Oscar Manuel BERNAL Soriano aka El Spider, aka El Arana (captured October 2010, plaza leader)[3]

    Arturo VELEZ Velez aka El Quilatan (captured October 2010)[3]

    Victor Manuel OLVERA Perez aka El Peque (captured October 2010)[3]

    Rosaura MONTEMAYOR Munoz aka La Guera (captured October 2010)[3]

    Jose Vicense SALAZAR Vital (captured October 2010)[3]

    Ruben Guadalupe BARBOSA Esparza (captured October 2010)[3]

    Jose Manuel MARTINEZ Guerra (captured October 2010)[3]

    Mexican Army:

    None to report at this time



    4 x unspecified rifles[3]

    3 x unspecified hand guns[3]

    127 x 40 mm ammunitions[3]

    13 x various magazines[3]


    19. 5 kilos marijuana[3]


    2 x unspecified vehicles[3]


    Radio Communications Equipment[3]

    Associated Events:

    Brigadier General Killed

    Event Summary:

    Los Zetas members listed above were captured by the Mexican Army in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. They are suspected of participating in the armed assault that killed a Mexican Army Brigadier General. El Arana was reported as the plaza leader of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon at the time of his arrest.[3]


    El Arana after his arrest.[3]


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