Hammerskin Nation




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    Status: Active

    38, Hammerskins, HN, HSN

    Formed: 1988
    Area of Operations: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States
    Headquarters: United States
    Ideology: Social (Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist)
    Group Size: 200 members
    Known Leaders: Brian Joseph Clayton, Sean Tarrant (founder)
    Group Affiliations: Aryan Nations, Ku Klux Klan, National Alliance, Vinlanders, Volksfront, White Aryan Resistance

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    Hammerskin chapters worldwide according to a group website.[1]


    Organizational History

    International unity is the Hammerskin Nation group goal; their motto is “Hammerskins Forever, Forever Hammerskins” (often abbreviated HFFH). Hammerskin Nation members often idolize historical warrior societies such as the Vikings, Aryans, and Nazis. 

    The skinhead presence in Dallas arose in 1979, where it formed as an offshoot of punk rock groups. By 1984, racist skinheads started to coalesce at various meeting points and eventually started to organize. As 1987 drew to a close, some skinheads joined together in Dallas, TX and decided to form a group, the Confederate Hammer Skins. The name and symbol of the Hammerskin Nation came from The Wall, a 1979 album by the group Pink Floyd that was made into a film in 1982. The symbol of the group was taken from images in the movie; two crossed hammers.   The hammers symbolize the “battering” down of minorities. In early 1988 the Hammerskins were receiving heavy exposure due to events happening all over the country. Nationwide travel led to contacts with many other skinheads. Hammerskins made strong ties with other groups, many of whom would form the basis of other Hammerskin chapters.  These groups included Chicago Area Skin Heads (CASH), Detroit Area Skin Heads (DASH), and WAR Skins.

    In the Summer 1988 the Anti-Defamation League stated that, "Hammerskin Nation is the most violent, best organized neo-Nazi skinhead group in the U.S."[2] This marked the first mention of the Hammerskin Nation. Racist rock has become one of Hammerskin Nation's main sources of income and recruiting. Panzerfaust Records, a Hammerskin label, advertises itself as "Music for the Discriminating Racist". Hammerskins also organize racist music festivals, including annual "Hammerfests." The first Hammerskin chapter to bludgeon its way into the national spotlight was the Confederate Hammerskins of Dallas in 1988. That same year, five Hammerskins were arrested for attacking any minorities who attempted to enter the Robert E. Lee Park in Dallas. This was the first, but certinaly not the last, violent attack that Hammerskin Nation members have been linked to since their inception.  

    The fledgling groups also gained popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s due to a friendship with Tom Metzger, who published a newspaper called WAR. Given the group’s exposure in the north, the Northern Hammerskins were the first chapter of the group outside Dallas, Texas. Formerly asserting authority over skinhead groups across the United States, the Hammerskins group has since been defied by a coalition of anti-Hammerskin Nation racist skinhead groups.  Many of these organizations, including Blood and Honour, Keystone State Skinheads, and other neo-Nazi and Klan groups, joined together in their goal to promote equality between the racist groups in the United States.

    The Hammerskin Nation currently appears to be struggling. The Hammerskins lost a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit filed by Randy Bowen, a black man who was attacked by six members of the white supremacist organization in 1999. Also, due to alleged infighting, the Hammerskin Press ceased publication in September 2000.  There has been a reported decline in turnout for annual Hammerfest events.  While all signs indicate that group activity is decreasing and that members may not pose a significant threat to minorities and communities, alike, Hammerskin Nation members are staunchly committed to the group and its ideology.  According to one member, Jimmy Matchette, "being a Hammerskin is the distinct feeling of being set apart from the entire planet.  And of knowing we will conquer & overcome all obstacles to achieve our goals and accomplish our great work, knowing that if we fail, all is lost forever and the west will perish. Even though I am locked down in a maximum security federal penitentiary, I wouldn't [have] traded the opportunity for all the gold in the world. You my true comrades hold all the glory of victory at your fingertips. We really are the most notorious White power Skinhead group in the entire World!"[2] 


    According to its website, the group currently has seventeen chapters around the globe.  The organizational form consists of single, decentralized, autonomous cells united by a commitment to National Socialism and White Supremacy. Loyalty to HN is paramount, but Hammerskins are permitted to also join neo-Nazi groups such as the National Alliance and Aryan Nations.[3]


    Group members possess a variety of weapons including handguns and automatic weapons. Police have discovered more sophisticated weaponry such as the Intertec Tec-9, a 9 mm fully automatic machine pistol.


    The group funds their activities through the sale of drugs and concert tickets. Hammerskin groups may charge $25 per ticket for a white power concert. The group also obtains funds from racist rock sales.  


    The chief recruitment tool is white power music. This music is both a powerful inspirational force and an effective recruiting tool for racist skinhead groups. Some racist bands have even written songs promoting the Hammerskins. The Hammerskins have a strict recruitment policy that requires a probationary period, quality is stressed over quantity in contrast to other groups. Indeed, the Hammerskin Nation is recognized for the immense care they take in the selection of new members. Potential members are required to serve a two year probationary period in order to demonstrate their dedication.  Many disenchanted young men find reassurance in the strict group structure and policies. According to the Hammerskin Press, "They are looking for answers and a way out.  Kids grow up without any form of self-identity.  They are given two chances, either go with the "norm" of multiculturalism and race mixing or be deemed an outcast, a minority."[2]


    The Hammerskins operate under the strategy of “leaderless resistance.” This concept can be defined as operations taken by individuals or small cells without direction by a higher authority that offers coordination and control.  Another powerful tactic is known as “compounding white nationalism.” Under this strategy, the group adheres to the necessity of a long, protracted struggle. If there are only 1,000 Hammerskins, and each member recruits only one person, there will be 8,000 Hammerskins in three years. The group believes this slow, methodical tactic will be self-perpetuating and eventually push all minorities out of white living areas.


    United States

    • Confederate Hammerskins (CHS)
    • Eastern Hammerskins (EHS)
    • Midland Hammerskins (MHS)
    • Northern Hammerskins (NHS)
    • Northwestern Hammerskins (NWHS)
    • Western Hammerskins (WHS)


    • Australia - Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads (SCHS)
    • Canada - Vinland Hammerskins (VHS)
    • France - French Hammerskins (FHS)
    • Germany - German Hammerskins (GHS)
    • Hungary - Hungarian Hammerskins (HHS)
    • Italy - Italian Hammerskins 
    • New Zealand - New Zealand Hammerskins (NZHS)
    • Portugal - Portugese Hammerskins (PHS)
    • Spain - Celtiberian Hammerskins (HSE)
    • Sweden - Swedish Hammerskins 
    • Switzerland - Swiss Hammerskins (SHS)

    Associated White Power Bands

    • The Brawlers - Wichita, Kansas
    • Max Resist - Rochester, Michigan
    • Intimidation One - Clackamas, Oregon
    • Dying Breed -(known as H8Machine) Harrison, New Jersey.
    • Bound for Glory
    • Blue Eyed Devils
    • Chaos 88
    • Code 13
    • The Bully Boys
    • Vinland Warriors
    • White Wash
    • Bulldog Breed
    • Midtown Bootboys
    • Plunder & Pillage


    HN Identifiers.jpg

    Symbols of the Hammerskin Nations.[4]

     HN Tattoo.jpg

    Hammerskin Nation member tattoo.[5]

    HN Leader.jpg

    Mario Machado is the leader of the Portuguese chapter of the Hammerskin Nations. Machado was found guilty of coercion, robbery, kidnapping, and possession of illegal weapons in August 2010 and setenced to seven years in prison.[6]

    HN Member.jpg

    Outlaw Hammerskins member; t-shirt depicts the chapter's motto: "Support your local master race."[7]


    HN TattooII.jpg

    Hammerskins member tattoos.[7]

    HN Logos.gif

    Hammerskin Nations Logos.


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