White Aryan Resistance



     WAR logo.png

    Possible logo of now-dormant White Aryan Resistance.[1] Logo is derived from Roman emporer, Caligula, who originally stated, "Let them hate us so long as they fear us."

    Status: Dormant
    AKA: Aryan Youth Movement, WAR, WAR Youth
    Formed: 1983
    Areas of Operation: United States; Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, Washington
    Headquarters: California
    Ideology: Social (White Supremacist)
    Leader: Tom Metzger
    Group Affiliates: American Front, Aryan Nations, Hammerskin NationKu Klux KlanNational Socialist Movement (NSM)The Creativity MovementVolksfront, WARskins, White Australian Resistance, White Dragon, White Revolution


    Organizational History

    The White Aryan Resistance’s (WAR) stated goal is the overall separation of the races; people of different ethnic, racial and religious groups should be separated and live amongst themselves. Leader Tom Metzger touts the slogan “what’s good for the White European Race is the highest virtue, whatever is bad for the White European Race is the ultimate Evil.”[2]

    Indiana native Tom Metzger moved to Southern California in 1961 and gained employment as an electrician and television repairman. Soon after, he joined the John Birch Society. Becoming dissatisfied with the organization, Metzger opted to join a more extreme group; he chose the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), founded by David Duke. Metzger rose through the organization and became the Grand Dragon for the State of California. He also became involved in Christian Identity philosophy at the time, eventually being ordained a minister. During Metzger’s time as a “Klan man” he was known for his militaristic outlook on race relations, and many of his views would serve as precursors to other extremist movements in America. Such was the case with Metzger’s fledgling border patrol, really an armed band of Klansmen who patrolled the border looking for illegal immigrants. Metzger later set his sights on politics and ran for Congress. During his bid for public office, he continued to promote paramilitary KKK activities, including the distribution of handbooks on guerrilla warfare, such as The Anarchist’s Cookbook. Following Congressional defeat in 1980, Metzger left the Klan to form his own organization; the result was White Aryan Resistance (WAR). According to Metzger, the group was terminated in August 2005, although various news organizations have continued to produce information about group activities.  Metzger moved to Warsaw, Indiana in 2007, where he continues to disseminate white supremacist related media and material through his website and personal radio show.[3]


    WAR presents itself as a network of autonomous individuals and cells. WAR promotes the Lone Wolf tactical concept. According to Tom Metzger’s philosophy, the organizational structure of WAR is a hybrid that will be adopted by more organizations in the future. WAR is considered a hybrid because it is halfway between leaderless resistance and a traditional membership organization, with the benefits and advantages of both. Traditional organizational structures are characterized by the group as hierarchical and paramilitary in nature. These attributes make the traditional organization easy to infiltrate. In addition, traditional members are too dependent on their leaders for decision-making. Also, the entire organization is at risk once a leader is gone. Metzger claims that the structure of his organization possesses none of these disadvantages.


    Financing is a sensitive issue for WAR; the organization was effectively bankrupted after a civil court ordered it to pay $12.5 million in damages for recruiting a skinhead gang that killed an Ethiopian student in 1988; the group’s organizational structure is conducive to the current financing situation since leaderless resistance requires individuals to finance their own activities. One of the principal means by which Metzger receives funds for WAR organizational activities is through the internet; many items are sold on the website including subscriptions, audio/video tapes, books, flags, and other white power paraphernalia.  


    New adherents are recruited through a number of different channels including telephone hotlines, radio programs, television shows, internet, e-mail (interested persons can send email directly to Metzger from the WAR website), videos, cartoons, and stickers. Metzger has even tried in the past to establish student unions on high school and college campuses to serve as WAR ideological forums. In fact, WAR recruitment drives in the past have often targeted a specific audience, suggesting that the group is more concerned with recruiting quality adherents, rather than concentrating on numbers. For example, Metzger had marketed neo-Nazi computer games designed specifically for kids that include lessons in white supremacy and WAR ideology. WAR also does extensive work inside of prisons, where incarcerated adherents preach to others.


    One of the most influential aspects of Metzger’s strategy is the concept of leaderless resistance, or lone wolf extremism. This mode of activity favors individual or small cell activity independent of a single leader. Metzger characterizes leaderless resistance as a lifestyle in which each individual performs according to his or her own capabilities. Additionally, Metzger preached a graduated approach to lone wolf/leaderless resistance extremism. Indeed, he tells adherents to start small, because many small victories are better than one big operation that fails. Finally, Metzger discourages adherents from taking credit for their actions, making it harder to attribute incidents to WAR. Metzger learned the value of this approach after being bankrupted in a civil suit.[4]


    • The Insurgent
    • WAR-White Aryan Resistance


    WAR Tom Metzger.jpg

    Tom Metzger, leader of the now-defunct white supremacist group, White Aryan Resistance.[5]

    WAR Cartoon.jpg

    Tom Metzger publishes cartoons supporting white supremacist ideology on his website, www.resist.com, and in his publication, The Insurgent.[6]



    (L to R) Leader of the Aryan Nations, Richard Butler (deceased), White Revolution leader, Bill Roper, and Tom Metzger at Aryan Fest in 2004.[7]

    WAR associates I.JPG

    (L to R) Richard Butler, leader of the Aryan Nations, Mike McQueeny, member of the Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan, and Tom Metzger at the Aryan World Congress in July 2004 in Idaho.[8]

    WAR associates II.JPG

    Members of The Creativity Movement with members of WAR during a white pride gathering in Osceola, Indiana.[9]


    WAR Tom.JPG

    Tom Metzger stands on stage before a white pride gathering in Osceola, Indiana.[10]


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