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    Vinlanders Social Club

    Vinlanders Logo.gif

    Status: Active
    AKA: Vinlanders, VSC
    Formed: 2003
    Areas of Operation: United States; Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee
    Ideology: Social (White Supremacist)
    Group: <100 members
    Leader: Brien James
    Affiliates: American Front, American Thule Society, Blood & Honour USA, Canyon State Skins, Golden State Skinheads,Hammerskin Nation, Hells Angels, Hoosier State Skinheads, Imperial Klans of AmericaKeystone United, Maryland State Skinheads, National Alliance, New Jersey Skins, Ohio State Hooligans, Ohio State Skinheads, Outlaw Hammerskins, Patriot's Call, The Pagans

      Organizational History

      The Vinlanders Social Club is a racist skinhead group, the majority of whose members hold criminal records, belong to other racist skinhead organizations, and ascribe to Odinism and Asataru, a Germanic neo-pagan religion.  They are primarily active in Arizona and the Midwest, although have a reputation among a wide variety of skinhead gangs throughout the United States. 


      The VSC name was coined in 2003 by Nathan Sliter,[1] and the group was officially founded by two members of his inner circle, Eric “The Butcher” Fairburn and Brien James.[2] Sliter became a skinhead in his hometown of Mesa, Arizona back in the ‘90s.  Known for his unpredictable and violent tendencies, he quickly became leader of the local chapter of the Hammerskins.  When he moved to Minnesota and joined the Northern Hammerskins’ Indiana chapter, he was ordered by the Dallas chapter to forcibly remove the colors of a fellow member.  The ensuing violent encounter was so atrocious that the Dallas leaders requested that Stiller and the other involved parties forfeit their own colors.  This declaration impelled Sliter and several other members to form their own gang, call the Outlaw Hammerskins.  This group was not long lived, although had a strong impact on the racist skinhead culture.  Sliter made extensive contacts with other white supremacist groups. After spending a year connecting with the Hells Angels and Blood & Honour gangs, he returned to his inner group of comrades, including Eric Fairburn, Donald Weirich, Bryon Widner, and current leader, Brien James, and formed the predecessor to VSC, the Hoosier State Skinheads.[3]  


      The VSC quickly made a name for itself as it openly defied the more exclusive and socially superior group, the Hammerskin Nation, as well as having a proclivity for violence, wild parties, and concerts.  The VSC and Hammerskins have since called a truce as of 2007. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, much of these activities have been the downfall of the organization.  Arrests and prosecutions of key members and leaders, as well as political in-fighting, have caused older, more respected members of the group to renounce their affiliations.  New, less-disciplined recruits have taken their positions in the group, and according to an anonymous inside source, “The Vinlander’s Social Club struggles to maintain legitimacy and a foothold in the North American racist skinhead circles.”[4]  In Arizona, more than a dozen members and associates of the VSC have been arrested and sentenced to prison for crimes ranging from drug possession to the murder of a white woman, Kelly Jaeger, in 2009 while she was walking with her African American boyfriend in Phoenix, Arizona, who was also injured in the shooting. 


      While Brien James claimed himself undeclared leader of the organization in 2007, the group doesn’t have any reported structure.  Its almost non-existent hierarchy and loosely defined roles and responsibilities were attractive to many people following the racist skinhead movement who didn’t want to be involved in an elitist or restricted group.


      The VSC recruits most of their members through various social activities and events, including racist skinhead parties and white power concerts.  VSC prospects must go through a customary period in a probationary status before attaining full membership.  One member, Adrian Petty, is the only known Vinlander currently serving in the military in 2010. According to his MySpace page, he conducted recruitment of fellow soldiers while on active duty in Iraq.


      The group is well known for their violent activities.  The leader of the group, Eric Fairburn, along with two other VSC members, was arrested in 2007 for beating a black homeless man unconscious in Indianapolis.  Two members of VSC were arrested in 2008 in Ohio for crimes relating to the shooting of an undercover Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification agent, along with another person, in 2006.  Most individuals often engage in brawls with rival group members, as well as anyone else who may disagree with their ideology or methods.


       Vinlanders members.jpg
      A picture depicting members of the (early) VSC (standing, from left)[4]: Eric Fairburn, Timothy Dumas, Jason Gregg, Jason Gale, Nate Sliter, Eric Busetti, Scott Burns, John Carr, and (crouched), Bryon Widner.
      Vinlanders members II.jpg
      VSC members attending a white supremacist gathering in 2005 {{ Ref.Cite{reference: "Holthouse, D. & Wood, L. (2008, Winter). Burnout. Intelligence Report, (132). Retrieved from"} }(top row, from left): Nate Sliter, Adrian Petty, Jason Gregg, Eric Busetti, Timothy Dumas, Eric Fairburn, Brien James, Jason Gall, John Carr and Adrien Apodaca, and (bottom, from left): "Big John", Bryon Widner, "Chad," Kevin Kislingbury, and Scott Burris. 

       Vinlanders group.jpg

      A picture made and posted on the VSC website (featuring members of the white supremacist group), meant to disspell/taunt reports that the group is slowly dying off.[5]

       Vinlanders member I.jpg

      Adrian Petty, VSC member, posted this picture on his MySpace page while he was serving in Iraq in 2008.[4]

      Vinlanders and Hooligans.jpg

      Members of the Ohio State Hooligans and VSC; image posted on the latter's website.[6]

       Vinlanders Eric Fairburn mug shots.jpg
      Former leader and co-founder of the VSC, Eric "The Butcher" Fairburn, charged with first-degree murder of a Springfield, IL man in 2004.[7]

       Vinlander V.jpg

      Michael John Parrish, associate of the VSC and correctional officer at the Monroe County (Pennsylvania) Correctional Facility, was arrested and charged with the shooting and murder of his girlfriend and their young child in July 2009.[8]

      Vinlander member IX.jpg

      Travis Ricci, alleged member of the VSC, was charged for the shooting of Kelly Jaeger and her boyfriend in Phoenix, AZ in 2009.[9]    

       Vinlander member VI.jpg

      Charles "Whitey" Mullen, alleged member of the VSC who was arrested for firearms and drug possession.[9]  

      Vinlander member VII.jpg

      Aaron "Ghost" Schmidt, alleged member of the VSC, charged with the shooting of Kelly Jaeger and her boyfriend in Phoenix, AZ in 2009.[9]   

      Vinlander member VIII.jpg

      David Fecke-Stoudt, alleged member of the VSC, who attempted to intimidate a witness in a VSC-related court trial.[9]   



      Vinlanders group II.jpg

      Members of VSC; former leader, Eric "The Butcher Fairburn, pictured second-from-left with a horn and handgun.[10]



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