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    The Violent Extremism Knowledge Base is a single resource for information and research on violent extremism.  For the initial launch in February 2011 the VKB consists of a wiki on violent extremism, a free basic Data Analysis and Visualization Environment that we call DAVE, and our growing library on terrorism and extremism.


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    Use the search function listed above to search for specific profiles by name or content, or use the Featured Profiles section listed below to review newly updated and comprehensive profiles on extremist groups by region, organized crime groups, significant violent events, or notable individuals.

    ISVG is regularly curating pages for release in the VKB.  Typically these pages will profile violent extremist organizations, transnational organized crime groups, and specific incidents. We will be releasing pages every week and announcing these pages on our blog and Twitter.  

    Last Update:  23 February 2011

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